The Parent Sex Ed Blueprint

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Comprehensive Age Guide: Ever wanted a checklist for what to discuss at each age? Here it is! For only $35

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14 day refund policy outlined here
Modern Day Sex Ed 
Parent Program
Some Of What You'll Get:
  • Foundations: uncovering foundational elements of understandings when approaching sex ed (Value $479)
  • Holistic Approach: Providing a new approach to sex ed to give you new ways to approach conversations. This model pulls back the curtains on approaching sex ed making it easier than you think (Value $479)
  • Society Factors: How to navigate sex ed in society and raising your kids in a technology driven environment (Value $479)
  • Boundaries and consent: In the home and how to model and reinforce to set up expectations for your child's safety that carry into relationship development (Value $479)
  • ​Game plan for approaching conversations. The how to guide when you are answering questions (Value $279)
  • ​Resources and where to from here (Value $279)
  • B​ONUS - Interactive website for parents and children (Value $500)
  • ​BONUS - Pause formula helping you nurture their curiosity and buy you time when they ask you a doozy of a question (Value $97)
  • ​Bonus! Weekly check in and coaching (Value $500)
" I used to feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about these topics but Caiti has a way of making people feel safe as they explore those vulnerable topics. Her warm and open approach helped me to feel more confident and less shy about asking questions, and the way she explains things makes it all very easy to understand, and to talk about. I really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to feel more comfortable talking about what is actually a very natural and important subject, sex."

- Laura A. Canberra, Australia

14 Day Refund Policy

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see a change in your understanding, I'll refund you if you contact us within the 14 day time frame.

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The Parent sex ed blueprint
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